Grass Clippings

Our top of the line commercial grade mowers finely mulch cut grass and redistribute it back into the lawn. This “grasscycling” process delivers healthy vitamins and nutrients to the lawn and reduces the amount of yard waste that is send to our landfills.



We are confident that our clients will be happy with our work, therefore we do not require contracts for most our maintenance services. Full Service Maintenance programs do require contracts since the services and costs are spread across the entire year.


Skipping service

To skip a service, call or email 24 hours prior to the next scheduled service. We do not accept same day skips or cancellations.



Cancellation of services

Our services can be canceled by providing a written notice via mail or email 48 hours prior to the next scheduled service. We do not accept same day skips or cancellations.


Damage Complaints

Please immediately report any property damage that was caused by our service. We will not be responsible for any repairs or replacement of property that is done without our consent.


All work that is delayed due to inclement weather will be rescheduled in the same order it was originally scheduled. Please keep in mind that bad weather at the beginning of the week could affect the entire week’s schedule.



Sprinkler Systems

We will gladly repair a sprinkler head that we break with our mowers. If we knowingly break a head at the time of service we will replace the sprinkler head immediately. If we unknowingly break a sprinkler head, please notify us as soon as possible and we will promptly repair it. We will not be responsible for third party repairs to sprinkler systems without our consent.



Personal Injury

Please try to stay indoors while the crew is completing the service. However, if an area of the yard is being used during our service please let the crew know and they will bypass that area. There will be no credit for having the crew bypass an area of the yard.



Customer Referral

If you refer a customer who signs up for weekly services we will credit your account with one free service (up to a $25.00 maximum).



Landscape Quotes

Due to fluctuating market prices our landscape quotes are valid for 30 days. After 30 days contact us to and we will provide another estimate at no charge.

Service Performance

Please contact us as soon as possible if we have missed service on a property or have done an unsatisfactory job. Upon notification we will examine the property and take whatever steps are necessary to remedy the problem.


Pet Waste

Please remove all pet waste from lawn the day before service. We do offer pet waste removal (see additional services). However, this service must be requested at least 24 hours prior to service.



Please secure pets indoors on the day of service. If a pet remains in the service area we will make every effort to prevent its escape. If the pet does manage to escape we will do everything possible to safely return the pet. However, we will not be responsible for lost pets.


Locked Gates

Please check that all gates are unlocked on the day of service. Homeowners will still be charged for service if any gate is locked when we arrive. The homeowner may provide us with a combination to unlock the gate when we arrive. Upon completion of our services all gates will be re-locked by our crew. We will not be responsible for damage to gates that are sagging, missing bolts or hardware, or have rotted or termite damaged wood.